This may be the most important book you will ever read if you simply follow the lessons you will learn. Time to take control of your Financial Destiny!

Introduction – Take Advantage of Courses

Learn how to navigate all the tools and information to create your own 60-Day Money Miracle. Discover the tips and secrets to help you make this the last debt program you will ever need.

Commit to changing your financial destiny

Visualize the lifestyle of your dreams and commit to doing everything it takes to making your dream a reality.  Realize that a Debt-Free Wealthy life can be yours if you follow the simple 7-Step process

Money Values

Bad habits are what got you into trouble in the first place. Learn how to replace your bad money habits with good habits that will help you reach your goal and avoid costly mistakes

Stop Adding Debt

Before you can eliminate your debt, you must stop adding any new debt.  Build your support team and learn strategies that make it easy to stay on track

Conduct a Financial Inventory

Determine where you are at financially.  This lesson will help you see all the moving parts of your personal economy and how they work together.  Get organized and learn how to keep good records

Save Your Way To Wealth – Part 1 – Go On A Treasure Hunt

Success creates more success so the key to this lesson is getting off to a fast start by creating some quick cash.  GO BIG to get your 60-Day Money Miracle plan off to a fast start in your first 14 days

Save Your Way To Wealth – Part 2 – Increase Your Cash Flow

Cash Flow is King!  Learn the secrets to creating tons of cash flow to eliminate your debts fast and build lasting wealth in the future.  A few simple adjustments to your spending will put money in your pocket

Build & Automate Your Plan

Automation will improve your chances for success 100 fold!  Discover the most powerful tools to help you stay on track and monitor your progress.  These simple tools will put your plan on autopilot.

Increase Your Ability To Earn

Once you’ve “right-sized” your spending, the only way to go faster is make more money.  Discover the secret to getting more money from your current job or increasing your income with over a dozen proven strategies

Manage & Protect Your Credit & Identity

Your credit report is a public record of your financial life.  What does it say about you?  Learn strategies to improve your credit score and protect your identity.

The Stewardship Of Wealth

Money will make you more of the person you already are.  Don’t let it ruin you.  Wealth is a stewardship.  Learn how to use your money to bring joy to others and you’ll find an added measure of happiness yourself.

Congratulations – The rest is up to you!

Financial challenges are part of life.  Learn how to use the lessons learned in this course to manage every financial decision you’ll face with confidence.  Prepare for Phase 2 – Building lifelong wealth