“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I — I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.”

-Robert Frost

Now that you have learned the strategies in this book, you are at a fork in the road.  You can choose to stay on the path you are currently on or you can choose another path. You can choose to maintain a life of debt or you can choose to eliminate debt and build wealth. Either choice has consequences.

The key to retiring rich with the lifestyle of your dreams is crushing your debt and building wealth.  In 60 days or less, you can create your own personal financial roadmap that leads to the life you’ve longed for.  In order to reach your destination of a debt-free wealthy life, you simply must stay the course.  It won’t be easy.  There will be many potholes along the way that can get you off track.  You’ll have unexpected events both good and bad that will alter your plan.  The sacrifices you make will only be temporary if you stick to your plan.  For most people I meet, the plan I’ve outlined in this book will be able to pay off all your consumer debt in as little as 2-3 years and get completely out of debt, including your mortgage in as little as 9-12 years using just your current income.

As I mentioned earlier, I believe everyone gets a chance to be in the right place at the right time.  I believe you’ve reached that point – right now.  In order to get the benefits of your great timing, you’ll need to recognize the opportunity and take immediate action.

If you choose to make a change and take the path to financial freedom you’re about to experience a miracle in the next 60 days, your own 60-Day Money Miracle.


  1. Commit to change your financial life forever – starting right now.
  2. Visit my website at debtfreedomchallenge.com and get a copy of my 60-Day Money Miracle Home Study Course.  This course has 10 powerful lessons to help you implement each step of the 60-Day Money Miracle program.
  3. Sign up to use a PFM program to completely automate your 60-Day Money Miracle plan. This program helps you eliminate the biggest obstacle between where you are and where you want to be, YOU.
  4. Create and follow your own personal 60-Day Money Miracle Plan.
  5. Stay the course until you are 100% debt-free

When you follow this simple 5-step action plan, you’ll be setting yourself on a course that leads to financial peace-of-mind.  Money stress is one of life’s biggest challenges.  When you have stress over money, it affects everything in your life, your work, your family, and all of your relationships.  After a particularly tough period of my own life, my wife made the comment that, “whoever said money doesn’t buy happiness didn’t know what they were talking about.”  While no amount of money can buy true happiness, not having enough money to meet your needs both in life and retirement will certainly lead to unhappiness.  Trust me on this one, because I know the feeling first hand.

A better life won’t just happen.  A better life happens as you take the necessary action to create it.  The 60-Day Money Miracle plan I’ve taught you in this book is a powerful and proven plan for eliminating your debts quickly using just your current income.  By following this simple plan, you’ll be learning strategies and skills that will help you navigate the financial maze of life and eventually enjoy the lifestyle of your dreams.

As I bring this book to an end, I want to thank you for your investment of time and money in what I’ve shared. I honestly believe you hold in your hands the ticket to a debt-free, wealthy life. This is your chance to say goodbye to the stress, pain, and challenges that come from being in debt.  I hope I’ve inspired you in some way to want a better life and to make the sacrifices necessary to crush debt, build wealth, and retire rich. I wish you the best in your journey and sincerely hope that you will eventually live the lifestyle of your dreams.